How To Make Out With A Girl

Knowing how to make out with a girl is essential – especially if you'd like to eventually do more than just kiss her. Many a girl has turned down the further advances of a guy because of a bad kissing technique. If she can't trust him to get this simple first step right, how can she be convinced that anything beyond will be any better? Below are the key steps you'll want to take to ensure a great make out session (and hopefully more!)

  1. Flirt! Yes, flirting is key when you want to make out with a girl. Is she flirting back? Is she casually touching you? Playing with her hair? Prolonging eye contact? Great. She probably wants you to make a move.
  2. Setting You've established that she wants you to kiss her. Now think about where you are. Are you in a loud, noisy bar? Your parents living room? Or are you somewhere more intimate? Setting is important. You want to be comfortable when you go in for the kiss, otherwise you may both feel awkward, which puts you at an immediate disadvantage. Romantic settings – a sofa next to a fireplace, a blanket under the stars – are always nice, but not always feasible. Just make sure it's somewhere that you both feel good about.
  3. Start slow. Slowly go in for the kiss. Lean your body towards her. Brush her hair back from her face. You may even want to cup her face with her hands. Let your mouth meet hers.
  4. MAKE OUT Now that you're actually kissing her, you want to vary what you're doing. Go from deep, passionate kissing to smaller, less penetrating kisses. Even give a couple where your tongue barely makes it inside her mouth. Let your hands play with her hair (and roam a bit, if you sense she's comfortable with that). And don't forget, a girl loves to have her neck kissed and her ear lobes nibbled (but avoid giving her a wet willy! No one likes a tongue shoved in their ear!). Focus on areas other than just her mouth when you're making out with a girl.
  5. Break time. Don't forget to take a break on occasion. Break away from the kiss. Look her in the eyes and tell her how beautiful and sexy you find her. Tell her how much you enjoy making out her.
  6. Follow her lead. Let her take the lead from time to time. Girls may give subtle hints at something they wish you were (or weren't) doing. Everyone has different kissing styles, so let her take charge so you you can see how she really wants to be kissed.
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