How To Make Out Passionately

Most men can benefit from learning how to make out passionately. Often if a man is a good kisser, women tend to think that he will be good in bed. Almost all women have a story about a man that couldn't kiss or make out well. The great thing is that it isn't difficult to learn how to make out passionately. Bad kissers tend to do strange things with their tongues and give sloppy, wet kisses. Avoid darting your tongue in and out of your mouth or just allowing it to lay in her mouth like a dead fish.

  1. Start out kissing gently and slowing open your mouth while kissing. Touch the tip of your tongue to the tip of her tongue. Do this a few times as a bit of a tease. Start making out passionately by touching tongues and applying a bit more pressure.
  2. Lean closer to her and press her body up against your body. Hold her tightly while kissing. Make sure to change up position while making out. If your head is leaning to one side, mix it up and move your head to the other side while kissing. Run your hands through your hair while making out.
  3. Position her so that she's at least somewhat on her back with you leaning over her. Put your hand on her back and hold her while kissing her on the mouth and on the neck. Kiss her passionately on the base of the neck.
  4. Don't forget the ears. While making out, give a little nibble on her earlobes. She will love it.



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