How to Make a an Outdoor Basketball Court

For the love of the game of basketball, many people want to know how to make an outdoor basketball court for various reasons: to save a trip to a nearby park just to play, to show off their skills to friends at their own turf, to hone their team and individual plays out of the public eye, and many others. Whatever the reasons may be, the fun and excitement will always be there once friends and teammates gather together to shoot hoops and master the craft of street basketball.

To make an outdoor basketball court, you will need the following:

  • Basketball system
  • Fencing
  • Rebounder
  • Lighting

Once you determine where to position an outdoor basketball court, you may begin the process of making it:

  1. Basketball system. Of course, the primary object you will need to create your outdoor basketball court is your basketball system. A basketball system is comprised of your basketball base, pole with adjustable bracket, backboard and rim. Purchasing the whole system is your best option since you can shop around and compare prices between various manufacturers and retailers. You may even get a free net for your basketball hoop.
  2. Fencing. To prevent yourself and your teammates from running around and chasing after the basketball when it goes out of bounds, you may want to put up a fence around your outdoor court. This way, you can conserve your energy and use it in the game rather than going after the ball when it bounces away to your neighbor's yard or towards the busy street.
  3. Rebounder. If you want to make it even easier for you to play the game, you may also include a rebounder in your outdoor court. A rebounder will keep your ball within the court because it serves as a bouncing wall for it. This will make your game more fun and exciting because you get to bounce the ball to your rebounder wall when you get trapped by the other team's defense and have no more place to go.
  4. Lighting. When night rolls in and you want to keep playing the game, then you should consider putting up a lighting system in your outdoor court. This way, your friends will stay longer and continue to play and have fun at your own outdoor basketball court.

Basketball is an old school sport that will remain popular in the years to come. Making or establishing an outdoor basketball court is one way you can help to keep the legacy of this sport alive. Don't procrastinate and start building your own court now, so you can play until you become a master of the hoop game.




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