How To Make Outdoor Lighted Easter Decorations

Need to know how to make outdoor lighted Easter decorations? Easter is the perfect time to bring together family and friends for an outdoor picnic or barbeque. To keep you and your friends and family enjoying the occasion long after the sun has set, create some unique outdoor lighting options. Add flair to your next Easter outing by creating some cheap and easy ways to make outdoor lighted easter decorations.

To make Easter string lights you will need:

  • White string lights in desired length
  • Opaque plastic Easter eggs
  • Power drill
  • Small twist bit
  • Super glue
  • Scotch tape
  1. Prep the eggs. Use the super glue to seal the opaque plastic easter eggs along the seam of the eggs. Some eggs may have a hinge along one side of the egg, if your's do, seal around the rest of the egg's seam. Allow the seam of the eggs to fully dry before moving on.
  2. Drill the holes. Using your power drill fitted with a small twist bit, drill a hole in the top of each opaque plastic easter egg. The size of the bit will differ based on the size of the string lights that you purchased. As a general rule of thumb, your drill bit should be the same size as the base of the lightbulbs on the string.
  3. Insert the lights. Insert one lightbulb on the string of lights into an egg. You should have the same number of eggs as you do bulbs so that each bulb is encased by an egg. Use the scotch tape to seal the hole in the egg as needed by using a one inch section of tape to cover the whole.
  4. Turn on the luminaries and enjoy. Plus the string of lights into an outlet using an extension cord if necessary.


To make Easter luminaries you will need:

  • 50 to 75 tea lights
  • 50 to 75 white paper lunch sacks
  • Five pound bag of fine sand
  • Long stem lighter
  1. Fill the bags. Fill each white paper lunch sack with approximately one inch of fine sand. This provides stability to the sack to avoid being blown over by the wind.
  2. Place the candles. Place one tea light in each lunch sack. Place the tea light directly in the center of the bag making sure that it is firmly planted within the sand. Do not place the tea light towards the edges of the bag as this may present a fire hazard.
  3. Place the bags. Place the luminaries around the perimeter of the outside space. Space the bags an appropriate distance apart from one another given the size of the outdoor area.
  4. Light the luminaries and enjoy. Using the long stem lighter, light each of the luminaries. Avoid picking up the luminaries as this may disrupt the sand in the bottom of the bag and prevent the tea light from lighting.
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