How To Make Paintball Armor

Learning how to make paintball armor is very important, especially for those who are trying to save money. Making your own paintball armor can not only help you to save some hard-earned cash, but also allows you to customize your paintball armor the way you want to.


  • Shower curtain
  • Scissors
  • Duct tape
  • Tape measure
  1. Purchase a plastic shower curtain. These can typically be found at most home improvement stores. Once home, use a pair of scissors to remove the curtain from the container in which it came.
  2. Open the curtain, and wrap it around your torso, making sure it fits under your armpits and around your chest. Carefully mark the spot at which the curtain overlaps the existing material, and begins to create a "double layer." Put the plastic on a firm surface, and cut the material at the point marked previously. Once completed, this piece of material should wrap completely around your torso without overlapping. Use a piece of duct tape to secure the material in place.
  3. Use your scissors to cut a square out of the shower curtain that is approximately one foot by one foot in size. Cut a hole in the square that is large enough for you to put your head through. Slip this piece of plastic over your head, and bring down to your shoulders. Use duct tape to attach this piece to the "chest piece" created earlier.
  4. Using the method described in step two, create two pieces of fabric for use as arm protectors. Use duct tape to securely take them together. Another piece of tape can be used to attach the arm protectors to the shoulder protectors.
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