How To Make A Paintball Bazooka

Learn how to make your own paintball bazooka for loads of inexpensive and customized fun. You will only need to complete a few steps and a little time to create your own paintball bazooka.

To make a paintball bazooka, you will need:

  • 2×15 inch pipe  of PVC
  • 2 inch T-fitting  of PVC
  • 2 inch  bushing of PVC
  • 2×2 inch pipe of PVC
  • Thread-seal tape
  •  2-inch cap of PVC
  • PVC cleaner
  • PVC cement
  • ¼ x 5 inch steel nipple
  •  ¼ inch steel 90-degree elbow
  •  ¼ inch ball valve
  •  ¼ inch short nipple
  •  ¼ inch reducer down to a 1/2-inch bushing
  •  ½ inch reducer down to a 1/8-inch bushing
  •  CO2 ASA valve  
  1. Before assembling the parts, ensure that you remove debris off the materials. This will ensure the functionality of the paintball bazooka.
  2. Coat PVC cement on the exterior of a 15 inch pipe, and cover ½ an inch with adhesive. The cement will help make the paintball bazooka leak proof.
  3. Put cemented PVC on the top opening of a T fitting before the glue dries out.
  4. A 2×2 inch pipe has to be cemented and fitted on the opposite T fitting opening at the top. The paintball bazooka will start to take shape at this point.
  5. The open top of the 2×2 inch pipe has to be covered with cement with a PVC cap fixed on it.
  6. A 2 inch reduction bushing needs to be brushed with cement and fit inside the bottom opening.  The paintball bazooka is almost complete but needs a few more parts added to make the design complete.

To make the air path:

  1. Cover the thread that is still showing of brushings and steel nipples with seal tape made for threads. This ensures the threads do not cross thread when making the paintball bazooka.
  2. Thread a small nipple through the bushing this which was just set up.
  3. Tighten a ¼ inch steel elbow with the small nipple.
  4. Tighten a steel nipple that measures 5 inches into the steel elbow that measures ¼ inch.
  5. Tighten a steel nipple that measures 5 inches into the ball valve that measures ¼ inch.

Completing and Testing:

  1. Seal tight a 1/4×1/2 inch reduction bushing into a ball valve.
  2. Create a 1/8 inch hole by screwing a 1/2×1/8 inch bushing inside the open top of the preceding bushing.
  3. Tightly seal a CO2 device to the exposed area of the reduction bushing,  
  4. Fix its nozzle with CO2 tank’s nozzle.
  5. In order to let out the flow of gas open the ball valve lever and your bazooka is ready to use. Always use care when building your own paintball bazooka as they can be dangerous if shot in someone’s eyes. Each paintball playing station will have their own rules of combat. If you chose to play on your own. Use caution and common sense.
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