How To Make A Paintball Fort

Are you looking to learn how to make a paintball fort? If you are an enthusiast who has land that people gather on and play then a paintball fort is an outstanding thing to have on your field. It brings a new aspect to the game that you are playing.

You will need:

  • Wood
  • Saw
  • Land
  • Nails
  • Trees
  • Tarp
  • Fence Posts
  1. Plan. This means figuring out where you are going to build the fort. Do not place the fort at the bottom of a slope or near a small stream. Locate trees.
  2. Nail it in. Place wood between two trees and nail it in. Make sure it is not too high. Place larger blocks of wood covering in the area.
  3. Place posts in ground. Space them around you in a square. Put large blocks around two sides of the fort. Leave the last one open.
  4. Tarp. Nail the tarp between the fence posts in the open space. This is going to be the door into the fort. Make sure it is tight.
  5. Saw time. Saw holes into the blocks of wood for areas so you can see out. Then saw holes for where you can place your gun out. Finally you will want to saw up from the bottom of the tarp so that you have a way in and out.

 Now you have constructed your fort. If you want to camouflage it then this might be a good idea but it is not necessary. Your fort is going to give you a large advantage for open play but also gives you the ability to host "capture the fort" games.  

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