How To Make A Paintball Grenade Launcher


If you are looking for information on how to make a paintball grenade launcher you have come to the right place. Making your own paintball grenade launcher will set you back about $40.  All the parts you need and the construction of the paintball grenade launcher are laid out for you in these easy-to-follow steps.

To build the paintball grenade launcher you will need:

  • 12 gram Brass Eagle CO2 Quick Change Adapter.

This part is not available at your local home depots but you can order it online.  All the other parts are available at your local depot store in the plumbing isle.

  • PVC pipe 2″ pipe (approximately 15.5 inches in length)
  • PVC cap 2″
  • Steel pipe elbow, 90°
  • Steel pipe ball valve
  • 1″ long steel pipe piece
  • 5″ long steel pipe piece
  • Steel pipe reducer
  • Piece of wood
  • A couple of zip ties

Construct the barrel of the paintball grenade launcher. Use the 2″PVC as the barrel making sure the pipe is no shorter than 12 inches.  The perfect length is approximately 15 inches.  Attach the PVC cap with PVC glue making sure it is securely in place.

Fit the PVC elbow. Drill a hole in the barrel of the paintball grenade launcher.  Using a small drill piece first and then change to a larger drill piece until the hole is big enough for the PVC elbow.  When inserting the elbow, heat it up with a blow torch and then screw it into the barrel.

Construct the high pressure steel tubing area. Screw the CO2 adapter into the steel pipe reducer.  Once that is done, mount this onto the 5 inch long steel pipe and this onto the ball valve.  Use plumbers tape to connect the pipes as this will stop them from leaking.  Make sure all these pipes are exceedingly secure as this area is going to have to contain about 500 psi.

Make the handle of the paintball grenade launcher. Drill a few holes into a piece of wood and mount this between the steel tubing and the barrel.  Make sure you secure the piece of wood with a few zip ties.  This will ensure that the paintball grenade launcher is sturdy and durable.

This is all you need to do to make a paintball grenade launcher that can take out tanks if you want it to.

Paintball Grenade Launcher


A CO2 cartridge contains compressed air and should be used with caution.  Make sure you read the warnings on the package and make sure you wear protection for your eyes when assembling and using the launcher.

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