How To Make A Paintball Gun Stand

Are you a paintball player looking to learn how to make a paintball gun stand? This is something that many players want but do not want to spend the money on. Here is an opportunity that will explain step by step how to make one.


  • Long PVC pipe. (1/2 inch)
  • Eight PVC pipe elbows (1/2 inch)
  • Two 3 way PVC pipe (1/2 inch)
  • Saw
  1. Safety. Make sure to gather material to protect yourself. Make sure the environment you are building in is one where you can feel protected. If you need supervision make sure to ask for some.
  2. Learn about your marker. Put your tank and barrel on the gun. Measure the length of the whole thing. Most will be about 30 inches.
  3. Cut PVC pipe. You will want to cut the PVC pipe that will be holding the tank. This means about two fifteen-inch pieces of PVC pipe. This will be the base.
  4. Attach Elbows. Place two elbows facing in at each other. Attach two more that are facing out. Place a four-inch piece of PVC pipe connecting the two elbows that are facing in.
  5. Finish Base. Place two-inch PVC piece into the two elbows facing out. Then place an elbow at the end of both. Then a six-inch piece of PVC pipe into those elbows. Then at the end of that place an elbow onto each of those. Then two five-inch PVC pieces with one of the Three Way PVC pipe pieces connecting the two.
  6. Make the neck. Measure how high you want your gun to sit. Cut and place that size piece attached to the Three Way PVC pipe on the bottom. Then cut the second Three Way PVC pipe piece into a "T" so that your gun can rest on it. Enjoy your stand.
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