How To Make A Pair Of Vibrating Pants

Wearing amazing action clothing and having the knowledge of how to make a pair of vibrating pants provides people with the power to move the world or at least their personal world. This knowledge should be used with caution and local laws should be consulted before attempting to wear a pair of vibrating pants. If you live in an area where the blue laws forbid selling liquor on Sundays or allowing car dealers to open for business on weekends, you need to really think about wearing your vibrating pants anywhere in public. If you're sure your hometown allows such excesses, you'll need to hit the hardware and hobby stores for a few items to complete your pair of vibrating pants.

Pick up:

  • Button batteries, at least a dozen, if you plan to wear your pants a few times each week. And who wouldn't?
  • Two miniature holiday tree power battery packs that use button batteries.
  • Two to four electric vibrating buzzers, depending on your size and the amount of buzz you enjoy for your pants.
  • Thin insulated wire. A spool should do it.
  • Clear polyester hobby thread.
  1. Select a pair of vibrate-able pants. This sounds easy, but selecting just the right pair of pants to equip with a vibrator requires thought. The pant fabric must be thick enough to disguise the battery packs and wires, but thin enough to move the fabric without much effort. Dark-colored chinos or multi-colored board shorts work well. Try the pants on to make sure they are slightly baggy, but no so big that the small vibrators will fail to move the fabric.
  2. Turn the pants inside out and lay out your vibration wiring. Make a rough draft of your pants and the pockets and experiment with the various writing patters and the location of the vibrating buzzers. As a general rule of thumb, put a buzzer in each front pocket and add one more on the side of each pant leg for a total of four vibrating buzzers. If you put the vibration on the back of the pants, you'll miss seeing the reaction you get. If you add more vibrating buzzers to other parts of the pants, it's extremely uncomfortable to move, sit or walk. 
  3. Start with your wiring. Tuck the buzzers in place and attach the wiring to the two power posts on the vibrating buzzer. You may need to use a pair of wirer strippers to clean off the plastic from the wire to attach it to the power wiring posts. 
  4. Add your power. Once you have the vibrating buzzers and wiring in all place, add your batteries to the power packs and tuck the packs into each pocket. Connect the packs to your vibrating buzzers. You may need more wire to connect each power post to the power source. Use your wire cutters to clean more plastic from the wiring. Turn on the power pack and activate the vibrating buzzers. 
  5. Test your vibrating pants in action. That's it, you're ready to go. Make sure your connections are secure; this may take a bit of electric tape and try on the vibrating pants. Making a pair of vibrating pants involves testing the wardrobe masterpiece. Take them out for a demonstration for your friends. 


  • If the wires move around too much, use your polyester thread to secure the wire to the pants using a loose stitch that loops over the top of the wire. 


  • Make sure your design doesn't allow the batteries to touch your skin. You can end up with a small but nasty burn if the battery rests against your skin when the pants are worn.
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