How To Make A Paper Flower

If you want to impress the lady in your life, you need to learn how to make a paper flower. Learning how to make a paper flower is a great and thoughtful gift you can give to your lady to show how much you care about her. Learning how to make a paper flower means equipping yourself with the knowledge to give her a great and inexpensive gift anytime you feel like it!

In order to learn how to make a paper flower, you're going to need the following:

  • Origami-grade paper or any type of perfectly sqaure piece of paper
  • Tweezers
  • A pen
  1. Fold the paper in half. Unfold the paper so you can see the crease. Rotate it 90 degrees and fold it in half again, unfolding it so this crease, too, is visible. By the end of this step, your paper should have four quadrants, divided by their creases.
  2. Rotate the paper by 90 degrees again and fold in half. After unfolding it, you're going to have a paper divided into eight different sections by its creases. If you want, use a pen to trace lines on the creases to make them easier to see when folding continues.
  3. Rotate the paper so one of the flat lines is facing you and fold in half. From here, you're going to fold one of the corners of this rectangle towards the center, along one of the creases you made before. This is known as a valley fold. Replicate this fold on the other edge as well. You should have a small triangle at this point.
  4. Open it back up. This will give you a square base with an opening. Rotate your paper 180 degrees so that the opening is facing downwards. Apply two more valley folds on this paper on the left and right side, applying them so that they fold into a "V" pattern. Turn the paper over and do this same procedure again. You should be confronted with a kite-shaped pattern.
  5. Fold down the top portion of the kite. Using another valley fold, make it so that your paper looks like something of an ice cream cone. You should now unfold all three of the valley folds you just made. 
  6. Make your first petal. To do this, lift the bottom corner up until both edges of the paper meet each other. Flatten them so that they join to complete your first petal fold. Your paper should now be shaped like a rhombus. 
  7. Turn the rhombus over and repeat the petal fold. Fold the top layer of the right side of the rhombus along the vertical meridian of the rhombus. Turn the paper over and do this again.
  8. Fold the rhombus in half, then open the four folds. You should now be confronted with a plus sign-shaped figure. Fold the sides up so that they align with the verical meridians and give you an arrow shape. Do this to all four sides and you should be confronted with something that looks like a pinwheel.
  9. Flip the pinwheel over. Using the tweezer, grip the center and rotate the pieces to give your pinwheel a nice, spiraled effect. Now curl the petals using the tweezers or your fingers.
  10. Turn the model over one last time. Take the corners of the four petals and fold them back to give your flower a more realistic look.

This is one of the simplest ways to make a paper flower. It might seem difficult at first, but definitely practice it until you've got the method down and you'll definitely be wooing ladies left, right and center!

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