How To Make A Paper Soccer Net

Learn about how to make a paper soccer net out of paper and you'll be able to play soccer any time. Soccer is a fun game where you get plenty of exercise and where can hang out with friends, but when you're stuck inside, you might wonder what to do besides watch the game. Make paper soccer nets and play a miniature version of soccer indoors! Since paper soccer nets are not as sturdy as regular full-size soccer nets made of netting, using a smaller ball to play soccer is advised. A good choice of ball might be a small rubber bouncing ball or another lightweight ball like a ping pong ball.

To make a paper soccer net out of paper, you will need:

  • Three sheets of construction paper or notebook paper
  • Five drinking straws
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. Layout the paper for the paper soccer net. Take the three sheets of construction or notebook paper and set them out in the correct pattern. Place one sheet of paper in the center and place one sheet of paper on either side of the center paper. Set all of the paper long ways, that is horizontal so the paper on the floor is setting so it is longer rather than taller. Consider using construction paper or butcher paper as opposed to a more lightweight paper for sturdiness.
  2. Construct the paper soccer net. Get the straws and measure the paper so it is as long as one straw. Construction paper is 12 inches long and straws are generally about 7-1/2 inches long. Cut the paper so the paper is the same length as one straw. Set one straw next to each piece of paper in the spot where it will be glued. Measure the height of the paper using one straw. Cut the straw or paper to make the height of both the paper and straw the same size. You will use three drinking straws along the bottom of the length of the three pieces of paper, and you'll use two drinking straws to connect the sides or height of the middle piece of paper and the two sides of the paper where they meet.
  3. Glue the paper soccer net. Glue the three straws to the bottoms of the three pieces of paper. Let the glue dry. Glue a straw to the sides of the paper where the middle sheet of paper and the side papers meet. Hold the papers in place while the glue dries.
  4. Reinforce the paper soccer net. To add strength and durability to the paper soccer net, glue straws to the outer sides of the two pieces of paper.
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