How To Make Party Invitations

When planning a party you may want to look into how to make party invitations. There are times when the invitations are as important as the party itself. Party invitations give guests a look into what the party is all about. There are  many ways to make party invitations.

To make party invitations, you will need:

  • Cards & various art supplies (this will depend on the way you make the invitations)
  • Addresses
  • Envelopes
  1. Printing party invitations. You can make party invitations right on your computer. There are many graphic programs available that all you to make design and print your own party invitations. There is free software online that gives you templates to choose from to make party invitations.
  2. Handcrafting party invitations. Many crafty people create their own party invitations using skills similar to those used in scrap booking. Layers the handmade invitations give them an interesting three dimensional design.
  3. Store bought. The easiest form of party invitation is the store bought invitation. Although this is not technically making the invitation you can embellish it and make it your own. A touch of ribbon or a subtle bow can turn that drab store bought invitation into something more unique.
  4. Kid designs. Let your kids design your invitations to make them something unique. You can use one invitation and get colored copies made or you can have an invitation making day and let the kids make multiple invitations so each person gets something unique. These are especially popular with family and friends.
  5. Digital invitations. There are websites available that produce beautiful digital invitations and most have the option to print the invitation for those who cannot be reached online. The digital invitation is a great way to save paper and be eco-friendly. 
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