How To Make Passover Decorations

Teaching how to make Passover decorations can be a fun way to get children involved in the celebration and save you some money! Passover is one of the most important Jewish holidays. Besides having a clean and kosher home, you will want to display festive decorations to honor the holiday.

In order to make Passover decorations you will need:

  • Several sheets of blue cardstock
  • White or silver paint pens
  • Pencil
  • Blue glitter
  • White craft blue
  • White poster board
  • Felt in green, white, brown, and red
  • Markers in yellow, orange, red, and blue
  • Black thin-tipped marker
  • Con-Tact paper
  • Scissors
  1. Time to make placecards for the table. Fold each piece of cardstock in half horizontally.  You will need to use the pencil to draw the Star of David on one side of the cardstock. You can print a picture if you need to trace it. Draw one star on each sheet of cardstock.
  2. Now add dimension. Color the Star of David in using your white or silver paint pens. Outline the star using the white glue. Sprinkle the blue glitter on the outline. Using the paint pens again, write the name of each guest neatly on the front.
  3. To make Sedar place mats, gather the remaining supplies. Depending on how large your poster board is, you may need to cut it in half or even quarters. Each piece will be used as the place mat and should measure about fourteen by twenty. Use something round to trace to create the Seder plate in the center of the mat.
  4. Trace more circles. Use a smaller cylindrical item such as a can or cup to trace circles for each place on the Seder plate. You want to have one in the center and five circles around it.
  5. Cut Sedar items for the plates. Use the brown felt to cut out a chicken leg, the white and green for the horseradish, green for the romaine lettuce, green for the parsley, red and white for apple and nut salad and white again for the roasted egg.
  6. Outline. Go over the smaller pencil-traced circles with the black marker.
  7. Glue items. You are going to glue the food items to each plate. Place the horseradish in center, then follow with the other food in a clockwise pattern.
  8. Decorate. Outline the Sedar plate with the yellow markers and make designs along it using the orange marker.
  9. Finishing touches. Use the red marker to write the word “Passover” on the left side of the place mat and the blue marker to write “Pesach” on the right side.
  10. Cover. Finally, cover both sides of the mat with the Con-Tact paper.



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