How To Make A Payment On My Discover Card

Learning how to make a payment on my Discover card is an important step toward good credit and increased limits on your Discover card. Paying your bills late not only creates unnecessary late fees, but can also potentially ruin your credit. Fortunately, several methods of how to make a payment on my Discover card are available to the credit card issuer's customers.

  1. Sign up for the online account management service if you have not already done so. This is the quickest and cheapest way to execute the task of how to make a payment on my Discover card. To sign up, you'll need your full credit card account number. Once you have an active Discover website user ID and password, you can click the "Make a Payment" option within your account. You then set up one-time or recurring payments with your preferred checking or savings account information; be sure you have money in the appropriate bank account before trying to make a payment online with Discover.
  2. If you're in a hurry, Western Union is expensive but will prevent late fees and possible negative credit reporting. This method of how to make a payment on my Discover card usually requires a visit to a local Western Union retailer; alternatively, you can call Western Union or go to their website to make a "Quick Collect" payment to your Discover card. Always check with Discover to ensure you have the right code city; as of 2010 Discover card's Western Union code city was Westpay, IL. You must provide your full account number and name to Western Union to assure Discover card properly credits your account. Also, this method of how to make a payment on my Discover card is limited to a maximum of $5,000 per transaction.
  3. Visiting a local Sears store is an efficient and free way to finish the task of how to make a payment on my Discover card. Sears franchise locations accept Discover card payments, but you must present your actual credit card when making such a payment at Sears.
  4. You may also of course use the traditional mail-in method to make a payment on a Discover card. Write a check or purchase a money order. Be sure to write your full account number on the payment method. Mail it to the address on your monthly billing statement; if you lost the address then you need to call Discover to get the appropriate address.
  5. Another way to finish the mission of how to make a payment on my Discover card is to submit an electronic check over the telephone. Call the Discover helpline; be ready to provide your checking account routing and account numbers to the customer service representative. Your bank account will then be debited just as if you had mailed in a paper check to make your Discover card payment.



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