How To Make Peppermint Tea

Learning how to make peppermint tea is a great way to enjoy your peppermint plant. Peppermint is a popular herb that is grown by a large number of gardeners. It is easy to grow and it provides a pleasant aroma in any garden. Making peppermint tea helps you save money and you can be sure you are using 100 percent organic peppermint when you use your own peppermint bush.

Things you need to make peppermint tea:

  • Peppermint leaves
  • Water
  • Pot
  • Cup
  • Lemon (optional)
  • Sugar or honey
  1. Take the leaves off the peppermint bush. Wash the leaves to remove any dirt.
  2. Crush the leaves with your finger. You can also roll the leaves and squeeze them as well. Doing this helps to release the oils in the leaves.  
  3. Obtain a pot. Add the water to the pot.
  4. Turn the stove on to mid-range and boil the water. Add one-fourth cup of the peppermint bush and let the mixture simmer for ten minutes. You will notice the water displaying a yellow color.
  5. Strain the peppermint mixture. Place the strained mixture in a cup or mug.
  6. Add your sweetener. You can add honey or sugar to sweeten your peppermint tea. It is really up to you to choose your preference. If you like your peppermint tea to have a hint of lemon, add some lemon.
  7. Enjoy your tea. You can drink it hot or add some ice for a delightful refreshing cold peppermint tea.  

Peppermint tea has quite a few health benefits including promoting a healthy digestive system and fighting bad breath. If you are planting this plant for the first time, be aware this plant is very evasive so it is better suited for planting in a pot. You can use dry mint leaves to make peppermint tea as well. Dry the leaves in the sun. After they are completely dry, drop one or two teaspoons in a cup of boiling water and let it steep for ten minutes, strain the liquid, add your favorite sweetener and enjoy your peppermint tea. It is that easy to make peppermint tea!

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