How To Make Percussion Instruments With Household Items

Learning how to make a percussion instrument with household items is a great green project. We are all trying to be thrifty and recycle at the same time. Since music is a natural love for most people, putting the two together just makes sense.

To make a homemade tambourine you will need:

  • two aluminum pie pans
  • a nail
  • a hammer
  • a file
  • yarn, craft wire or ribbon
  • jingle bells of any size
  • small beans or beads (optional)
  1. With the nail and hammer make holes in the edges of the pie pans, all the way around, at equal distances.
  2. Using the file, smooth any sharp edges.
  3. Place the bottom of one of the pans on the table. If desired put some beans, beads or other small objects in the pan to make a shaking/rattling sound. Placing the other pan on top with the bottom facing up, line the holes up. (If you are placing beans or other small items inside, you may want to seal the pans together using a hot glue gun, before continuing.)
  4. String a bell and put the end of your tie through the holes in both pans connecting them, and tie tightly. 
  5. Tie a bell to the pans at each hole all the way around the pans.

You now have the perfect instrument to shake, rattle and play some rock and roll. Even if you don't have a lot of musical talent you can have a lot of fun making this tambourine and bang out a beat. With a little imagination you can change the types of pans, the size of the bells or try different stuff inside to make all different sounds.

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