How To Make Perfect Basketball Shot

Having a winning basketball team is all about knowing how to make perfect basketball shot. In basketball, scoring is the ultimate objective and good shooters spend numerous hours on the court to perfect their basketball shot. There are certain skills and steps a basketball player must follow and learn in practice in order to make the perfect basketball shot. Follow these guidelines to learn how to make the perfect basketball shot.

To make the perfect basketball shot you need:

  • basketball
  • basketball court
  • good basketball shoes
  1. Learn how to have good balance. It is extremely important that a player can land in the spot that he has jumped from. In order to do this a player should practice jumping up and down and landing in the same spot each and every time. The path or direction of the basketball can be off if the player jumps and lands to the side instead of straight on. A player needs to have good balance in order to set up for the shot. Make sure that after you catch the ball your feet are firmly planted straight and that you are not leaning to the right or to the left.
  2. Position your elbow correctly. The correct position for your elbow should be directly under the ball and always in towards the body. Before the shot the elbow should be held into the body and after the shot the elbow should be pointed towards the basket. If the elbow is out of position the entire shot will be off. The elbow is part of the whole set up to make the perfect basketball shot. Also, make sure that the basketball is placed on your fingertips and not in the palm of your hand.
  3. Your eyes should be on the target at all times. A player should always have his eyes focused on the ball and wherever the ball is going. When shooting your eyes should be focused on the basket. Focusing on the target tends to help focus a players entire body and movement to the direction of the target, which helps to make that perfect basketball shot.
  4. Always follow through with your shot. The follow through is the final contact with the basketball that allows the rest of the shot to be focused on the basket. To follow through, after the shot the player needs to drop the wrist with the fingers straight down to the floor. This will prevent the player from doing any strange movement with their fingers that can make the ball be off balance. This will help to get that perfect basketball shot.
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