How to Make the Perfect Road Trip Playlist

So you need to know how to make the perfect road trip playlist because you’re in charge of music for this weekend?  You and your buddies decided that you’re all suffocating at work and you need some fresh air so you’re hitting the wide-open road for a while.  You’ve been nominated to DJ because you happen to have a pretty kickass iPod but you know how difficult it is to throw together an awesome road trip playlist.  If you follow some simple guidelines, we guarantee you won’t be at each other’s throats by the end of the week.

  1. Start off with something new, something awesome, and something singable.  This is going to set the mood of the entire trip and may become the theme song of the week. Recommended: "Let's Go Crazy" – Prince
  2. Keep the spirit up but kick it back a few years. Once you’re on the interstate, you need something you can crank and belt out to passing drivers.  This is not the time to introduce your buddies to your favorite obscure indie artist. This is the time for Journey.  Recommended: “Don’t Stop Believin’” – Journey
  3. You need bro music for the bro bonding.  Don’t even think about *NSYNC. You are not with your girlfriend.  You don’t have to pretend anymore. Recommended: “Livin’ on a Prayer” – Bon Jovi
  4. Once your voices start to get tired, reel the tunes back in.  This might be the time for some piano rock. Recommended: “Piano Man” – Billy Joel
  5. Take it back up a notch, but not too far. American Idol contestants are safe and fit in well at this not-too-fun-but-no-one-is-sleeping-yet phase. Recommended: anything by Daughtry
  6. You guys are in a good spot now. You’re on the road, you’re enjoying the scenery, you’re downright pensive. Snap out of it. You need something hilarious. Recommended: “Mixer at Delta Chi” – Stephen Lynch
  7. You’re comfortable and you’re laughing. This is when you break out the big guns. This is the point where you play the song everyone is embarrassed to admit they know all the lyrics. Recommended: “Like a Prayer” – Madonna

Are you still nervous? You probably have the hang of it now and you know what the crowd pleasers are by now. Just remember to shy away from anything Disney, anything death metal or country, and absolutely anything by Nickelback.  Your job is to keep the morale high, not shove crappy music down their throats.  If you follow these simple guidelines, you'll be famous for your road trip playlist skills. Good luck and bon voyage.

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