How To Make A Plastic Canvas Soccer Ball

Online instructions for how to make a plastic canvas soccer ball are hard to find, especially if you’re looking for a three-dimensional pattern. But many craft websites offer free patterns for simple, flat designs like soccer ball key chains and Christmas ornaments.

Plastic canvas is a lightweight plastic embroidery canvas. Sometimes called vinyl weave, plastic canvas is sold in pre-cut pieces rather than by the yard. The medium is perfect for beginners who want to practice various stitches, and it’s ideal for children and their little hands.

Plastic canvas projects are a fun activity for adults and kids alike. They’re a great way to spend more time with your child. They require very few materials and supplies, and they are inexpensive and easy to complete. Here are directions for a plastic canvas soccer ball key chain that you and your child can make together.

Materials And Supplies:

  • One six-by-six-inch square of white plastic canvas (fourteen count)
  • One six-by-six-inch square of white felt
  • White cotton yarn or tapestry wool
  • Black cotton yarn or tapestry wool
  • Line drawing of a soccer ball
  • Six inches of black elastic cord
  • One tapestry needle (#18)
  • One black fine-tip marker
  • One pair of scissors
  • Craft glue
  1. Start your project with a line drawing of a soccer ball. Use the Internet or a sports book to find a picture or pattern. With a black fine-tip marker, trace the soccer ball drawing onto a piece of white plastic canvas. Mark the areas that will be black with an “x” or a soft outline.
  2. Cut a piece of white yarn thirty-six inches in length. Thread the tapestry needle, and tie a small knot on the end of the yarn. -36 inches is a good length to work with, as it is manageable and provides several stitches before re-threading.
  3. Stitch the white areas of the soccer ball with a horizontal satin stitch. A satin stitch is basically an up-and-down stitch that wraps the yarn around the holes in the plastic canvas. Search the Internet for stitch directions, if necessary. As you complete several stitches and near the end of your thread, pull the thread under a few stitches on the back of the project and tie it off. Rethread your needle, and continue stitching.
  4. Cut a piece of black yarn 36 inches in length. Thread the tapestry needle, and tie a small knot on the end of the yarn. Stitch the black areas of the soccer ball with a horizontal satin stitch, as you did with the white sections. Continue stitching, re-threading when needed, until all of the black areas are filled in.
  5. Cut a piece of black yarn eighteen inches in length. Do not double the yarn this time, or knot it at the end. Run the needle through a few stitches on the back of the project, then pull the needle to the topside. Run the thread from one corner on a black area to another. Repeat the process to create the black lines that connect the black areas of a soccer ball.
  6. Glue the piece of white felt to the back of the plastic canvas with craft glue. Cut three pieces of white yarn twenty inches in length. Tie a knot at one end of the three pieces, and braid the pieces together. Glue the braid to the edge of the white felt to cover the rough edges.
  7. Create a hanging loop for your soccer ball key chain with the black elastic cord. Use a needle to thread it the cord through the top of the plastic canvas key chain. This project makes a great gift, or your child can attach it to his school backpack or pencil case for a fun ornament.



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