How To Make Plastic Football Helmets

Knowing how to make plastic football helmets is an easy procedure. The best material for making a plastic football helmet is plastic canvas sheet. The most important thing is to have the proper cutting patterns for helmet shape.

Things required for making plastic football helmet are:

  • Canvas sheet of plastic
  • Sharp scissors
  • Thick needle
  • Colored thread
  • Fishing thread
  • Metal buckle
  1. Get prints for a helmet design. Make a sketch of the design attained on a piece of paper. After studying the design you will notice that in order to make it into a helmet, the design is made three-dimensional.
  2. Spread out the canvas plastic sheet. Mark the required shape on the sheet. The helmet should be cut in pieces. First, consider a cap shape that will cover the head area. There are five basic pieces in a plastic football helmet. Two headpieces, two earflaps and a strap for chin. Cut out two pieces of plastic sheet in a semicircular shape and latches for ear coverage. Cut a strap separately for chin piece and set it aside.
  3. Use a cross-stitch pattern to cover the pieces cut. Use the color that signifies the team. Cut two semicircular pieces according to head circumference with a pair of scissors. The area covering the ears will be made and sewn with the headpiece later. Sew together the rounded sides of the two headpiece semicircles. Turn it inside out to see if the shape is right; there should be a rounded cap shape. At this point trim the extra plastic with the help of scissors.
  4. The area covering the forehead is shaped according to the size required. Cut two oblong ovals for earflaps in proportion of the size required. The area above ears of the cap is cut into a crescent so that the earpieces can be sewn with precision. Sew together the two earflaps on either side of the helmet cap.
  5. To make the chin piece, cut a strap according to the measurement of chin. Attach one side of the strap to one of the earflaps. The other end of the strap should be punched in places to get a line of holes.
  6. Sew a metal buckle to the other earflap. This helps fasten the chin piece so the helmet fits properly. Cut the helmet with shears in places like the nape of neck, achieving a straight line so that the neck can be comfortable.
  7. At the side or top of the helmet, sew the team insignia with the help of a thick needle and embroidery thread. This can be done using cross-stitch. Edges of the helmet are hemmed with thin strips of Rexene sheet to make then less sharp.
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