How To Make A Pocket Square

Need to know how to make a pocket square? A homemade pocket square can help you look stylish for less. Pocket squares are small squares of fabric used to embellish a jacket by adding a bit of personality to an otherwise staid look. Professional attire can become ho-hum, but pocket squares dress up the everyday.

To make a pocket square, you will need:

  • Silk fabric
  • A needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  1. Determine the size of the pocket square. Begin by determining how large you want your pocket square to be. Pocket squares range in size from ten inches by twelve inches to as large as twelve inches by eighteen inches. Consider the weight of your fabric. The heavier the silk, the smaller the pocket square should be to fold comfortably to fit in the jacket pocket.
  2. Create a pattern. Make a pattern by measuring the size desired on a piece of newspaper. Be sure to leave an allowance of at least a quarter inch for the outside hemmed seam.
  3. Cut the fabric. Lay the pattern for the pocket square on the fabric and cut.
  4. Roll the hem and sew. Carefully roll the hem of the pocket square to create a small seam that will be the hem of the pocket square. To reduce tears and pin pricks, do not pin the hem but roll the seam as you sew. Complete one side of the pocket square.
  5. Sew the opposite side. After the first side of the pocket square is sewn, sew the side directly across from the completed side. This keeps the fabric from bunching and gathering.
  6. Sew the final two sides. Finish sewing the last two sides of the pocket square.


Sam Hober: Custom Made Neckties

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