How To Make Pocket Watch Stands

If you are interested in learning how to make pocket watch stands, sit down with a pen and paper and draw out the design that you want to create. There are many different pocket watch stands readily available to purchase, so you may want to do some research online to find a stand you like, then try to build it yourself. Once you settle on a design, go to a home improvement store and purchase the materials you need, then get started your project.

To make a pocket watch stand, you will need:

  • Wood (the specific type depends on the style of the stand)
  • A screwdriver
  • Wood screws
  • A hook
  • Measuring tape
  • Wood stain
  1. Many pocket watch stands are made of wood. One common pocket watch stand design is an upside-down U-shaped piece of wood attached to a square base. This is not difficult to make, but does take some time.
  2. Get the home improvement store to cut the wood for you. When you're making a pocket watch stand, this will save you some time, unless you already have the equipment to cut the wood at home. Make sure the wood pieces are the proper size before you pay the cashier.
  3. Attach the curved piece of wood to the base to make a stand for your pocket watch. Use a pair of wood screws to mount the U piece of wood to the base by screwing them in from the underside of the base. For the watch itself, screw in a hook on the underside of the arched piece, and make sure it is centered so the watch does not lean when you hang it.
  4. Hang your pocket watch on the hook to see how it looks. If you like the way the watch hangs on your stand, remove it and then stain the wood to make it look nice. Let the stain dry, then re-hang your watch to make sure you like the way pocket watch stand looks when you are finished.
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