How To Make A Poker Table Top

If you are having difficulty finding a poker table top that you like, you may decide that it is time to learn how to make a poker table top for yourself. Making your own poker table top will allow you to use the color scheme and material of your choice. Fortunately, it is also rather easy to make your own poker table top.

To make a poker table top, you will need:

  • 4 four-by-fours
  • A sheet of plywood
  • Some felt to cover your poker table top with
  1. After you have all of the supplies that you need in order to make a poker table top, cut one of your four-by-fours. Cut it into a piece that is 29 inches in length, if it isn’t already this length. You will need four of these pieces to make legs for your poker table.
  2. Make sure that the sheet of plywood you are using for your poker table top is eight feet long and 42 inches wide. This will be enough room for ten poker players to sit around the poker table.
  3. Nail one of the four-by-fours to each corner of the sheet of plywood that you are using to top your poker table. You can also use a drill to put screws into the wood in order to attach it to the plywood. If the poker table top still doesn’t seem sturdy enough, then nail another one of the four-by-fours to the center of the plywood.
  4. Place a piece of felt on the top of the table, then use a staple gun to staple it into place. You will want it to be as taut as possible. Otherwise, it will bunch up later on. This felt will make the top of your poker table feel more professional.
  5. Whenever you are working on your poker table top, make sure that you are wearing a pair of safety glasses. This is especially true whenever you are using a jigsaw or a sander.
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