How To Make Polyester Rug

Polyester is tough and resistant to mildew, chemicals, heat and damage, which is why many people either buy or want to know how to make polyester rug for their homes or offices. Since polyester is durable, it doesn’t shred or cloud easily unlike cotton or fabric. Polyester rug can also be washed regularly without the fear of color fading. Making a polyester rug can be fun and rewarding at the same time because of its useful and decorative function and longevity of its life. The materials needed can be bought at craft or fabric shops while the other things you need can be found at your home by recycling some old polyester fabric and taking out your sewing kit.

To make a polyester rug you will need:

  • One to two yards of Polyester cloth or recycle polyester cloth
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing kit (polyester thread, Two inch needle and scissors)
  • Three Rubber bands
  1. Lay the polyester fabric flat on a clean surface and cut them into equal width strips of around one or two inches. If you are recycling old polyester clothes, cut the sleeves, collar and take out the buttons or zippers before cutting them into strips.
  2. Then arrange the strips into three groups and tie each one end with rubber bands leaving only half an inch distance from the edge of the strips. Arrange the strips by their colors to get a nice pattern.
  3. Braid the three grouped strips, the longer braid you make the bigger your polyester rug will become. Another option to get a nice color pattern is to group the strips of one color and sew the ends with strips of a different color. Repeat this again to get a tricolor mat or rug. If you started with braiding shades of red, the red color will concentrate in the center of the rug and the rest of the colors will follow.
  4. After braiding all the strips, remove the rubber bands. Prepare the needle with thread, use the thread with the same color as the strips. Sew the strips together by first wrapping it with thread around four to five times then sew through the strips. Make sure that once done, the strips are sturdy and the braid isn’t deformed.
  5. Then hold the sewed end down with one hand and make the first loop. As you go along sew the outer loop of the braids to hold them together, a zigzag stitch is one option but you can do whichever is comfortable for you. Wrap the braids as tight as you can but sew them a little loose since you’re trying to make a flat rug, sewing them tightly may curve the rug and it’s not a rug anymore. You may also sew through the braids to hide the thread.
  6. As you go along you will form a round polyester rug. You can also make an oval shaped one by leaving around five to seven inches long center before wrapping the rest of the braided strips around it.
  7. Finish the polyester rug by sewing the end strips on the side. Cut the excess strips. Flip the rug with the stitches underneath to check your finished product. You can also sew a piece of cloth underneath to cover the stitches.
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