How To Make Propane Special Effects

Wondering how to make propane special effects? Propane special effects are often used in concerts, movies or events. One way to use propane as a special effect is setting a metal dish mounted on a metal to form a flame dish or on metal tube to form flame bars which can also be placed just below water to make flame on water effect. There are other flame effects which are bigger in scale and are commonly seen in concerts or events however these set up are risky and require a licensed pyrotechnic. All materials are available at your local hardware stores.

What you need:

  • Work gloves
  • Lighter
  • Metal Clamps
  • 2 Propane gas/LPG tank with pressure meter, regulator and hose

For Propane Flame Dish:

  • Metal dish (12 inches in diameter)
  • Tank connector with clamping nut
  • Wood chips or charcoals
  • Iron stand (vase holder just the right size for the dish)
  • Non-flammable metal adhesive/U Bolts
  • 1 Pipe connector with valve
  • Old newspaper

For Propane Flame Bar:

  • 6 to 8 pieces of metal pipe stand with clamps
  • 2 to 3 meters metal tube
  • 5 to 6 meter in diameter metal basin
  • 1 Pipe cap
  • 1 roll of pipe tape
  • 1 Pipe connector with valve
  1. For the flame dish special effect, look for a metal dish with a center hole where you will insert the tank connector. Otherwise, drill a hole carefully by using a metal drill starting with a small bit then switching to bigger bits to achieve the size of the diameter of the tank connector.
  2. Mount the metal dish on top of the stand. This process will depend on the stand you have. It’s best to look for iron stand for vases which may just be lying around your home. Drill additional holes on the dish and use U bolts to attach it on the stand or use metal adhesive instead.
  3. Connect a pipe connector with valve to the hose then to the tank connector. When connecting pipes wrap pipe tape first around five times or more to strengthen the attachment and to avoid gas leaks.
  4. Lit a piece of crumpled news paper and place it on the dish then carefully place the wood chips or charcoals without killing the flame. Then finally, turn the tank regulator on and control the flow of propane by turning the pipe connector valve slowly.
  5. For the propane flame bar special effect, start with drilling little holes with an inch or two equal gaps on the two to three meter pipe. Leave around six to eight inches of space without holes on one end to have some distance from the flames when you attach the connector with valve later then close the other end with a pipe cap. This will be our flame bar.
  6. Clamp the flame bar with the pipe stand starting with both ends then towards the center to hold it in place. The flame bar should be able to stand above ground.
  7. Attach the pipe connector with valve to the flame bar. This is to control the flame.
  8. Then attach the gas hose to the pipe connector properly. Finally, turn the LPG regulator open and lit the flame bar. Control the flame by turning the valve.
  9. To make the flame under water effect, fill the metal basin with water just enough to have the flame bar one to two inches under water level. Then carefully stand the flame bar in the basin with the fire still alive.


  • Before trying to make propane special effects be sure that you’re all cleared with permission from your local community because some cities have strict regulations about making pyrotechnics.
  • Making these special effects should be done outside or at an open area away from public.
  • LPG tank and on the gas hose must be without leaks.
  • Ready a fire extinguisher or water.
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