How to Make A Pullover Sweatshirt Into A Cardigan

Its arts and crafts day: How to make a pullover sweatshirt into a cardigan. So you're tired of that old pullover sweatshirt huh? You don't want to throw it away and you don't want to give it to charity. No, of course not. You'd rather make your old pullover sweatshirt into a cardigan. If you're not handy with a box cutter and a sewing machine, turning your pullover sweatshirt into a cardigan is not going to be easy. You sure you don't want to hit a discount rack at a clothing store? Ok then, lets turn your favorite pullover sweatshirt into a cardigan.

You will need:

  • buttons or a zipper
  • thread
  • sewing machine
  • Box cutter or scissors
  • piece of cardboard
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • geometric compass
  1. Time to cut your pullover. The first step to turning your pullover sweatshirt into a cardigan is to open the shirt up. The best tool to use to cut through the fabric is either a box cutter or scissors. If you're going to use a box cutter, place a thick piece of card board in between the front and back of your pullover sweatshirt. This will keep you from cutting through the material of the back of the shirt. Center the blade and slice down the middle of the shirt. Using scissors may take away the exactness of the cut, but if you feel confident in the steadiness of your hand, go ahead.
  2. V-neck or straight style.  Obviously, the straight style is the easier of the two to initiate. You simply slice right down the middle. If you want to turn your pullover sweatshirt into a cardigan with a v-neck shape (no matter how deep the v-neck) it'll be much harder to measure. You'll definitely need to use the box cutter in this case. Not only that, you'll need to make sure the piece of card board accurately stretches the shirt out so you can make the necessary cuts. Once again, if you think you can cut the v-neck shape out by hand, knock yourself out. If not, use a ruler to measure.
  3. If you're using a ruler. Use the ruler to measure the line straight down the center of the shirt. Trace the line lightly with the pencil. If you want a rounder v-neck shape, use a geometric compass to lightly draw out the outline. Put the compass point at the beginning of the centered line you drew at the top of the shirt. Now depending on how deep the v-neck you want will determine how wide you open up the compass. Trace the half circle all the way from one side of the collar of the pullover sweatshirt to the other. If you want a traditional "v" shape just use the ruler to draw it out. Use the box cutter and cut accordingly.
  4. Sewing. At this point, your pullover sweatshirt is not a cardigan. It's just a cut up sweatshirt. Now you have to sew. Use a sewing machine to line up the cut material. You don't want loose threads to be hanging out. If you want to attach buttons, you have a much easier task ahead then attaching a zipper.
  5. Buttons, Sew the buttons in on one side. Make sure they're evenly spaced. On the opposite side, you need to make the holes for the buttons. Measure the buttons so you make sure the holes are big enough. Line the button holes up similar to your other sewing task in order to minimize hanging threads. Oh, and make sure the holes line up with the buttons.
  6. Zippers. These little buggers are much harder to sew in than buttons. Make sure the zipper is measured and fits the style of cardigan you're going for. The best way to go about sewing in a zipper is to put your sewing machine on a lower setting and go slow. Reinforce both sides with multiple sewing lines to make the hold stronger. Zippers are heavier than buttons and will pull at the fabric. Make sure you sew the zipper material under the fabric of the shirt so no one sees it. 
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