How To Make A PVC Slant Board For Ab Workouts

Learn how to make a PVC slant board for ab workouts and keep your abs shredded year round. Regular ab workouts can boost your fitness, health, and self confidence. Getting to the gym every day, however, can be a hassle. Ab workouts can be done at home with a simple device called a slant board. A slant board is an inclined plane that you lay on, allowing you to cover more distance with each sit-up. Slat boards are available at most fitness stores, but you can make a PVC slant board for ab workouts cheaply and easily.

To make a PVC slant board for ab workouts, you will need:

  • Four 2 inch PVC t-joints
  • Two 2 inch 90 degree PVC elbows
  • Approximately 18 feet of 2 inch PVC pipe
  • PVC glue
  • One 1.5 foot by 4 foot board
  • Padding for the board (optional)
  • Four 3 inch screws with four nuts and eight washers
  • Drill to bore holes in the PVC for screws
  • Saw to cut the PVC pipe
  1. First, construct the bases. Each base consists of two t-joints and three pieces of pipe. Cut one piece of PVC pipe to connect the t-joints together. The t-joints should touch each other after the pipe has been glued between them. Next, cut two one-foot pieces of PVC pipe. These will be glued to the opening opposite the other t-joint and act as legs. Make two of these bases.
  2. Cut pieces for the frame. The frame will look like a double-layered “L.” Cut two four-foot pieces of PVC and two two-foot pieces of PVC. Attach the two two-foot pieces to one base and the two four-foot pieces to the other. Connect the pieces with the t-joints. Use the glue to adhere everything together. The frame should now look like two “L’s” attached to two bases.
  3. Drill four holes in the four foot pieces, two on one pipe and two on the other. On each pipe, one hole should be near the top and one should be near the bottom. These holes will be used to attach the board with screws. Drill holes in the board so that they will line up with the holes in the PVC.
  4. Insert the screws in the holes to attach the board to the PVC. Each screw should have two washers, one on top and one by the nut. Insert the screws through the board then the PVC, to avoid having protruding screws on the top of the board.
  5. Adhere padding to the top if you choose to do so. Padding is not necessary, but it will make workouts more comfortable and enjoyable.

It is that simple to make a PVC slant board for ab workouts. This board will help you maintain exceptional fitness and health without ever having to go to the gym. It is important, however, to establish a consistent workout routine and set manageable goals to get the most out of your PVC slant board for ab workouts.

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