How To Make Raver Boots

There is really no gigantic secret as far as how to make raver boots. Simply put, you can wear any boots you want to a rave and still probably fit in just fine with the screaming, flailing ravers in rainbow outfits and tubular crin hair pieces. For this article, though, we’ll look at how to assemble fluffies, which are the furry, multi-colored things that people assume are boots (they are actually more like leg-warmers).

  1. Buy it. You’ll need a few supplies before going about crafting these boots, and these are things you can find at fabric stores, or maybe even Wal-Mart: At least one yard of shag faux fur in whatever color you prefer, a needle and thread (or a glue gun, if you have one), and a long bad of elastic in any color you like (at least one yard). The fur may not be in Wal-Mart since it’s seasonal, but you can buy it online in all manner of colors.
  2. Measure it. Measure how long your leg is from right below your knee to the bottom of your ankle. This is so you know how long to make the strips of fabric for your raver boots. Additionally, measure around your leg right below your knee to know how broad to make these.
  3. Draw it. As close to the edge of the fabric sheet as possible, draw a somewhat tall trapezoid that is the entire girth of your leg and the length of said leg, plus one inch. So if you’re lower leg is fifteen inches long and the width around your knee is thirteen inches, make the top part of the pattern sixteen inches long and fourteen inches wide. That extra inch will equal half an inch on each side for sewing or gluing room (this is important later).
  4. Stretch it. Take the elastic and wrap a length of it around your leg below your knee; this will be for the top of these boots. Bind it so it’s tight, but comfortable and not ripping. Here’s one area where you don’t want to add extra length or girth to the fabric cut since you want this part to fit securely so the fluffies stay in place. Chop off a piece that matches the girth of your leg and you can trim it accordingly later.
  5. Wrap it. It’s best to make these boots one leg at a time in case you make an error. Take your furry cutout pattern and trim the fur short along the top part (the thinner end). Using thread or a glue gun, secure the top half-inch of the cut out to the elastic band you have prepared; glue the elastic on top of the furry side of the cutout. Be sure there is at least a half-inch of extra elastic hanging off each side of the elastic. If there’s too much, that’s okay, as it can be overlapped – too little becomes a problem.
  6. Close it. Once the glue has dried or the stitching is done, pick the fluffy up by the elastic and wrap it around your leg to ensure it will fit tightly enough. Hold the ends of the elastic in place to indicate where to seal them, either with pins or your fingers. Slip it back off and glue or sew the ends together where you’ve indicated.
  7. Turn it. Turn the fluffy inside-out and trim the fur short on these edges too (but NOT on the bottom – just the sides). Using glue or thread, glue the two sides together edge-to-edge. This is so the seam of the fabric won’t show through on the outside. Don’t trim the sides because you want the fur to remain long and shaggy at the bottom to coat your boots or shoes.

And there you have it! You should have what looks like a virtually seamless furry cover for your rave boots. You can also create multi-colored fluffies and just do some simple layering. If you have fabric left over, use it to make some furry wrist cuffs to match your boots. Do a Google image search on raver boots to find visual examples of these colorful accessories too.

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