How To Make Rear Speakers Wireless

If you don't want wires cluttering your living room, learn how to make rear speakers wireless. Making rear speakers wireless can be done in a few different ways. You can buy wireless rear speakers, or use a wireless adapter to make wired speaker connect wirelessly with a receiver. If you already have speakers that you are happy with, it can be best to just buy the adapter. On the other hand, if you do not have speakers already or want to upgrade, buying new wireless speakers can work well and take some of the hassle out of setup. Follow these steps to learn about how to make read speakers wireless.

What you will need:

  • Rear speakers
  • Audio Receiver
  • Wireless audio 
  1. Decide if you want to get wireless speakers or use speakers with a wireless adapter. Both options offer the same solution.
  2. Determine where to place the rear speakers if they are not already set up. You can use stands or wall mounts.
  3. Find a power source in the room for the wireless transmitter. This should be near the back of the room close to the speakers.
  4. Run speaker wire from each speaker to the wireless transmitter. Make sure to use the correct left or right channel connections for each.
  5. Connect the other wireless transmitter for the audio source. Power on both the wireless transmitters, as well as the audio source device.
  6. For some wireless transmitters, you will need to pair the devices. Consult the manual for your device to see if this is the case. Test the wireless connection to the speaker by playing some audio.
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