How To Make A Red Death Cocktail

Here are instructions for how to make a red death cocktail. This is one of those cocktails that have a few more ingredients then most but is still incredibly easy to make.  It’s actually one of the easiest cocktails to make that you’ll probably ever find.

To make a red death cocktail you will need:

  • Vodka
  • Southern Comfort peach liqueur
  • Amaretto almond liqueur
  • Sloe Gin
  • Triple Sec
  • Lime Juice
  • Orange Juice
  • Grenadine
  • Galliano liqueur
  • Ice
  • Collins Glass


  1. Gather your ingredients. You will need vodka, Southern Comfort peach liqueur, Amaretto almond liqueur, Sloe Gin, Triple Sec, lime juice, orange juice, grenadine, Galliano liqueur, ice, and a Collins glass. Some recipes don’t include Galliano liqueur and some substitute it with an orange flavored liqueur, don’t be afraid to try either.
  2. Measure the proper quantities. To make a red death cocktail, you need a half an ounce of vodka, half an ounce of Southern Comfort peach liqueur, half an ounce of Sloe Gin, half an ounce of Triple Sec, half an ounce of lime juice, half an ounce of Galliano liqueur, and orange juice. The amount of orange juice depends on how much you want to add in after, it’s suggested that you use at least a full ounce to get the flavor right.
  3. Use the proper glass. Most recipes for making a red death cocktail recommend a Collins glass. Of course it’s up to you, but for the spirit of the cocktail the first time you try it should be in a Collins glass.
  4. Mix. Mix the ingredients of your red death cocktail together. Pour the vodka, Southern Comfort peach liqueur, Sloe Gin, Triple Sec, lime juice, and Galliano liqueur into the glass and mix, then add the orange juice. There’s no garnish for this drink so don’t worry about that.
  5. Drink! Really shouldn’t have to explain this one. Enjoy your red death cocktail! 



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