How To Make Remote Control Speed Boats

There is nothing like the satisfaction you get from learning how to make your own remote control speed boats. You will be able to build this remote control speed boat in a few hours with little cost. A flat piece of foam, a basic two-throttle airplane remote control with motors, a tube of epoxy, sand paper and a cell phone battery and you will have this speed boat sailing across the water.

 To make remote control speed boats you will need:

  • 1 inch thick piece of Styrofoam
  • Sand paper (80 grit)
  • Cell phone battery
  • Tube of epoxy
  • Model paint
  1. Shape your speed boat. Take a four-inch by six-inch piece of Styrofoam and use your 80 grit sand paper to shape your hull and bow. The bow needs to curve up to go through the water smoothly.
  2. Cut out a small square the shape of the control electronics. The wires to the motors and the batteries are left exposed. Epoxy over the electronic controls to keep out water.
  3. Attach the motors. Mount each motor towards the outside edge of the stern of the boat. Use epoxy to hold on the motor stands and the motor.
  4. Epoxy the speed boat. Cover your speed boat hull with epoxy to keep water out. Apply the epoxy smoothly for easier sanding. After sanding the epoxy, paint your speed boat's hull in a two-tone design.
  5. Attach the battery. Glue on the cell phone battery to the top of the speed boat.  Attach the battery to the electronic controls. Use a cell phone charge to charge the battery.
  6. Go for a test run. Place your speed boat out in your bath tub. Check for leaks and make sure the epoxy has sealed tightly. Practice using your controls in the tub.

Tips: Build more than one speed boat. It's more fun if you have someone to race.

Warnings: Epoxy dries quickly. You need to work fast when working with epoxy.

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