How To Make Reservations For ‘Hell’s Kitchen’

Are you wondering how to make reservations for "Hell's Kitchen"? Look no further. The show, "Hell's Kitchen," which is currently going into its seventh season, revolves around chefs from across the United States who compete in "Hell's Kitchen" on teams of red and blue. They attempt to impress Chef Gordon Ramsey with their cooking skills and win the ultimate prize, which is usually a contracted position at one of Gordon Ramsey's famous restaurants. People can come into the restaurant where the chefs compete to enjoy a free meal and see the show live for themselves. There are a few things you need to do in order to make reservations for "Hell's Kitchen," as outlined below:

  1. Site Visit the "Hell's Kitchen" official site, which is part of the Fox website. Once you are on the site, click the section which says Dine In Hell's Kitchen.
  2. Form – Fill out the information that the site requests. Dining at "Hell's Kitchen" is very competitive as it's a popular show. Getting reservations is often a hard thing to do, so do not be upset it if you go to the site and there are no reservations left. Remember that you must live in the L.A. area to dine in "Hell's Kitchen," since that's where it's filmed.
  3. Wait – Once you fill out the information for your reservations, wait for a verification from "Hell's Kitchen" as they will call you. Once you get the call, note the information on what table you are sitting at. Wait until the date, and enjoy your time at "Hell's Kitchen"!


Hell's Kitchen site

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