How To Make Rings Out Of Silver Coins

Making a ring out of silver coins is a very fun and unique project. It can be time consuming but is well worth the reward.


  • Drill
  • Drill Bits
  • File
  • Steel spoon
  • Silver coin
  • Buffer
  1. Drill a hole in the middle of the coin. Make sure to clamp down your coin, or you may injure yourself. If you have a drill bit that is the size of your finger, use that. Make sure to drill a pilot hole if you use a big bit. If the bit isn't the right size, choose one that's smaller and then file the hole you have made until it fits onto your finger.
  2. Start tapping the edges with the steel spoon. This is the tedious part. Make sure to rotate it evenly. Many people put the ring on a dowel at this point because it is a lot easier. This is up to you. Make sure that you strike directly down on the edge of the ring. If you do not do this, the ring may fold over and you will not have an even ring.
  3. Once you have tapped the ring to its ideal shape, then start buffing it with your metal buffer. If you did it correctly, your ring should be very smooth and the buffing should make it shine. Resize the ring and if it is malformed because of the pounding then file it to the correct size with the file or a Dremel tool.

It is one thing to buy a silver ring out of a store. It is another to make one for your loved one. This would be a killer anniversary present.


Making my own wedding band

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