How To Make Rockband Drums Quiet

Have you ever been playing Rock Band, only to realize how extremely loud the drums actually are, and wonder how to make RockBand drums quiet? Thankfully, there are a few ways to make your Rock Band drums quieter. Now you can play without disturbing everyone within a ninety-foot radius! The Rock Band drum fixes range from sheer nerd ingenuity to actual products designed to dampen the sound.

  1. A huge help in quieting your Rock Band drums comes in the type of stick you use. There are wooden-tipped and plastic-tipped drum sticks. Using plastic-tipped drum sticks while you play will help a tad in the battle against noise.
  2. A simple solution is to find a fabric around your house that is thick enough to dampen the sound but thin enough to still register hits on the Rock Band drum kit. Some good examples would be socks, dish rags, or an old article of clothing.
  3. One of the more effective solutions for your Rock Band drums audible woes comes in the form of mouse pads. Mouse pads make great dampeners; thin enough to register hits, but thick enough to quiet the sound. You will have to exercise a modicum of actual work on your own and cut them in a circular shape so they fit nicely on each drum head. Leaving them as squares and putting them over the circular drum heads would just be silly.
  4. The Rock Band drums are quite good at picking up light hits, so try not to wail on them like you're channeling a caveman going to town on a rock with a bone. Fully exerting all your strength with each hit not only makes the drums extremely loud, but it also messes up your timing and makes you look rather ridiculous. Light hits work just fine.
  5. There are also actual products that will fit over your Rock Band drums that will quiet them decently. They are similar to mesh heads found on electric drums, which are very quiet. You can buy these at most stores that sell video games.
  6. If all else fails, try upgrading your Rock Band drums to the Rock Band 2 version. They are much better by leaps and bounds. If you already have the Rock Band 2 drum kit and are still too loud, you should look into switching to guitar. Guitar is much quieter.
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