How To Make Rod Holders For Boats

Learning how to make rod holders for boats is a fairly easy process. All that is needed are a few key materials, and some time. Following is how to make rod holders for boats.

Materials Needed:

  • PVC pipe (about two inches in thickness, and 18 inches in length per rod holder)
  • Three inch screws
  • electric drill
  • Hacksaw to cut PVC pipe
  • Sandpaper
  • Five minute epoxy
  1. Purchase all of the necessary supplies. They should be available at any construction or building supply store.
  2. For each rod holder, cut eighteen inches out of a PVC pipe. This will allow the rod's handle or cork to slide down into the holder, but prevent the reel from going down, keeping each rod in place and upright.
  3. Attach the rod holders to the side of the boat, allowing rods to be set in them. Using three inch screws, drill them into either the side of the hull, which, if hollow, may require that a strip of wood be mounted into which the holders are screwed. Or, making sure that you are avoiding wires, they may be screwed into the side of a center console. In drilling the rod holders to the boat, two screws should be used for each rod holder, each of which is is screwed through the bottom six inches, spaced at least a few inches apart, of each eighteen inch PVC pipe section.
  4. After the screws are in, running through the pieces of pipe and into the boat, dab a little five minute epoxy around the areas where the screws connect pipe to boat.
  5. If desired, sand the edges where the pipes were cut by the saw to make them appear smooth.

Learning how to make rod holders for boats is not too difficult a process, but it does some time, materials, and your basic understanding of the uses of tools. Although basic, PVC pipe works very well as rod holder material for boats.



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