How to Make a Rope Climbing Wall

Do you want to know how to make a rope climbing wall? A rope climbing wall is a good addition to a training field for any age. It can have the shape of a net over a flat surface or a single rope over a wood or steel wall. Depending on the surface's angle and the availability of holds, the level of difficulty will vary.

To build a rope climbing wall you will need:

  • A structure to hold the wall. It can be a regular thick wall or another type of pipe or steel structure. Make sure no sharp ends show, to avoid the risk of injury.
  • A rope or a net, depending on the need of challenging exercises.
  • A small piece of empty terrain to land on in case of a fall.
  • A set of stairs to go down from the top of the wall.

The steps to build a rope climbing wall are:

  1. Choose a wall or structure that will form the route.
  2. Establish an anchor at the top of the route. This is the place that must hold the weight of the climber.
  3. If using a net, you will need multiple anchors. Make sure all of them are of good quality.
  4. Depending on how tight is the net, the difficulty of the climb will be different.
  5. Clear the base of the climb. Double check for hard or sharp objects to minimize the risk of injury.
  6. Double check along the route for sharp edges, splinters or nails.
  7. Place a rope guiding ring right on top of the climb. Sometime,s the anchor is further up from the top of the climb, thus letting the rope move a lot and eventually falling aside the route. With a guiding ring, you can make the rope stay in place.


Always instruct users on basic safety procedures before allowing any climbs.

Make sure that the route is not wet or dusty before using.

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