How To Make A Rubber Band Ball

Get ready to learn how to make a rubber band ball the fun and easy way. Rubber band balls are very popular. They can be made in your spare time and are great for tossing around to relieve stress.

To make your rubber band ball you will need.

  • Rubber bands of different sizes, small to large (and colors if you want)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Paper (notebook)
  1. Create the core of your rubber band ball by using a large bent-up rubber band (recommended), or a balled-up piece of paper or aluminum foil (easiest). Once you have your core, start with the smallest rubber bands and wrap them (individually) tightly around the core, looping them if necessary. Do not wrap the rubber bands around your core in any shape, make sure you are creating a “ball” shape. Continue wrapping the small rubber bands around your ball until you run out of them or they no longer fit around your ball.
  2. If you are happy with the size of your rubber band ball at this point, stop or grab the next bigger sized rubber bands. Stretch the bigger rubber bands around your ball in different directions than the last time (very important) while maintaining your ball’s shape. Again, be sure to wrap the rubber bands tightly, and loop them if you have to.
  3. Repeat step two until you are happy with the size of your rubber band ball. It is very important to wrap your rubber bands in different directions each time you start with a larger size in order to maintain the ball shape.
  4. Now for what-to-do with your completed rubber band ball. Your rubber band ball will bounce just like any factory made ball, so you can toss it against a wall to relieve stress. You can also use it as a desktop decoration. Experiment, make all kinds and sizes of rubber band balls by using thicker rubber bands and/or different colored rubber bands. You can even create different patterns when you make rubber band balls, so enjoy and be creative.
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