How To Make A Rug

Not many people know how to make a rug, but the process is simple for anyone with some basic sewing skills. Making a rug takes commitment, but the results are well worth a little time and patience. A round, braided rug is one of the simplest and most traditional homemade rugs.

To make a rug, you will need:

  • Fabric scraps
  • A sewing needle
  • Strong thread
  • A flat work surface
  • An iron
  1. Collect and prepare the fabric. Wool or cotton are typically best and will withstand wear and tear. You can buy new fabric, but most people prefer to reuse rags, old clothes, sheets or blankets to make a rug. Cut your material into one to three-inch-wide strips. Heavier fabrics will require narrower strips. Any length will work since the pieces will be connected to correct for differences.

  2. Braid the pieces of fabric. Begin by sewing three strips of fabric of similar lengths together at one end. Next, braid the three strips together as you would braid ribbons or hair. Strip one passes over strip two and under strip three. Then strip three passes over strip two and under strip one and so on. Continue braiding until you reach the end of the fabric strips, then stitch it closed. Repeat this until you have many sections of braided fabric strips.

  3. Stitch the braids together. Using a large needle and sturdy thread, begin to stitch the braids into a rug. The end of one braid will be the center and you will wind the fabric around the center to form a circle. Keep your stitches tight and the rug flat as you stitch along the side of the braid to attach the braids to the center of the rug. As you add braided loops to the circle, continue stitching each layer to the one before. When you reach the end of one braided section, begin with a new one until you have used all of your braids and have a circular rug.

  4. Finish the rug. When you have reached the final size of your rug, you can tuck the end of the last braid into the rug and stitch it in place. Go back and trim any loose threads and be sure everything is laying flat. Run an iron over your rug to remove any remaining wrinkles and flatten the rug so it is ready to use.

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