How To Make A Runescape Private Server

People learn how to make Runescape private server because they think it will generate money for them. There is no doubt  about this fact but that should not be the focus especially at the beginning. The focus should be how to generate traffic to your private server. Runescape private server is not as popular as the official ones. One benefit of playing with a private server is that rules can be bent or people can cheat in other to maximize their enjoyment. Because of the few and easy steps involved, it is not hard to learn how to make a Runescape private Server. Ensure the following are readily available when you want to learn how to build a Runescape private server.

What you'll need to make a Runescape private server:

  • Zip or WinRAR downloading program
  • Decompiler
  • Java development kit  
  1. Source. The take off on how to build a Runescape private server is to find a source. Sources are already made downloadable and editable private servers. Runescape as a game is massive that recording it from the beginning will take a longer time. The numerous codes in the game will not make recording easy as well. Getting a source that is player friendly with a good interface might not be easy but with a little attention it can be gotten. There are four sources to choose from the search engines or the topic forums.  
  2. Source opening. Finding and extracting a source is an important factor in learning how to build a Runescape private sever. The source can only be extracted if the download program is a Zip. In a case that the downloading program is RAR there may be need  to get a WinRAR or any other downloading programs.  
  3. Edit the server. The source folder comes with a lot of files. Find the file with the name The .java contains almost all the game code. For the sources that have .class instead of .java, a .java decompiler will be needed. When the decompiler is installed, double click on the .class file and it will pop-up a question on which program you want to use, select the decompiler and go ahead with your editing.  
  4. Compilation of the server. If you are to build a Runescape private server, you need to compile your server. To do this, you need to get a java Development Kit or in place of this, you can get a JDK. Install it in program files to make the work easier. After the installation, make a new text document, named compile.bat ensuring that it does not end with .txt, but with .bat. Right click on it and pick the “edit” and paste into your chosen space. Save this the files in your source folder and overwrite all.  
  5. Get  No IP. Its a fact that you do not just want to learn how to build a Runescape private server,  you want people to play on it. But how can they play if they do not know where to find it. After building your Runescape private server, register your domain at No IP and create an account. Log in after creating your account and create a host account. Download, Install and run DUC. When you log in with your email, ensure that the box next to your smiley face beside your host name has a check mark. After this, go to your source folder and do your run.bat and your server is up for games.  

If you follow the above details, you will be a proud owner of a Runescape private server.  

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