How To Make A Safety Harness Out Of Rope

Do you want to know how to make a safety harness out of rope? Sometimes you need to rappel down a cliff or go through a difficult section and feel like needing some extra protection. So it´s time to wear a harness. But what if you don´t have one? That is when a harness made of rope comes in handy.

To make a safety harness out of rope, you will need:

  • Rope, nine feet for a regular sized adult.
  • A carabiner. A locking carabiner is desirable, a regular one is enough.

The steps to male a safety harness out of rope are:

  1. Make a bite in the exact middle point of the rope.
  2. Hold the bite towards your left hip.
  3. Make one half of the rope go around your trunk by your back and make it meet the other in front of you.
  4. Cross both halves and tie them using a double overhand knot.
  5. Let both halves of the rope fall straight down ahead of you.
  6. Take a couple of steps forward, letting the rope go between your legs.
  7. Raise each halve from the back side of your legs.
  8. Make each halve go around the rope that is forming a belt.
  9. Take the remaining rope and make both ends meet again at your front, close to your belly button.
  10. Tie a square knot to bond both rope ends quite tightly.
  11. Clip a carabiner at the front of the harness, making sure it clips all the rope loops.
  12. The carabiner´s gate must face upwards, and open to the far side from your body.

When hanging from the harness, make sure that the carabiner is loading in the right position. Side loading can be fatal.



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