How To Make Sandpaper Ping Pong Paddles

For rainy days or a snow day, an indoor ping pong table is a great way for the entire family to spend time together. It also works great for those big parties that need a little spice with an added ping pong drinking game. Make your own ping pong paddles out of sandpaper for a cheap toy and years of fun.

To make your own sandpaper ping pong paddles, you will need:

  • Sandpaper
  • 1/2-inch thick Plywood or pine
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Scroll saw and blade
  1. First, you will need to trace a ping pong paddle shape on the plywood. This shape is a large rounded oval, about five inches in width and six inches in height, curving down into a one inch wide by three inch long handle. Sand the paddles to get rid of splinters.
  2. Cut two of these ping pong paddle shapes out of the plywood with the scroll saw. The scroll saw is the best woodworking tool for making curves. You can use a miter saw to curve the edges of the new ping pong paddles if you want, but that is not usually done.
  3. Cut two 4" by 5" ovals in the sandpaper.
  4. Wipe the ping pong paddles free from sawdust and glue the two sandpaper ovals onto the plywood. Let it sit for about twenty minutes.
  5. Put a design on the other side of the sandpaper ping pong paddles to make them unique to you.

The sandpaper ping pong paddles are now done and you can start playing right away. Enjoy your ping pong paddles and remember to share your new paddles.


  • Make sure you use strong glue or the sandpaper on the paddles might come off with use.
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