How To Make Sassafras Massage Oil

Learn about how to make sassafras massage oil to give and get a relaxing massage with therapeutic qualities. Sassafras comes from the roots of the sassafras tree. Sassafras is a key ingredient in root beer. When mixed with massage oil, sassafras oil can offer many benefits to the body. Sassafras oil promotes a healthy liver by helping clear toxins from the body. Sassafras is also helpful for pain and inflammation from arthritis, gout, and overall skin ailments like psoriasis and eczema.

To make sassafras massage oil, you will need:

  • Sassafras essential oil
  • Massage oil, such as almond oil or Jojoba oil
  • Container or bowl for mixing
  1. Buy sassafras essential oil. Many health food stores or online retailers sell essential oils. Choose a good quality sassafras essential oil that is organic, if possible. Make sure it is free of chemicals and preservatives. Unless you'll be using a great deal of any essential oil quickly, buy the small bottles so it is as fresh as possible when you use it.
  2. Buy massage oil. Oils that are the base for massage oils are called carrier oils. Choose another good quality oil to use as the carrier oil. Jojoba oil or almond oil work well as the base for massage oil.
  3. Mix the massage oil and essential oil. Place enough carrier oil for one massage, about 1/4 to 1/2 cup, in a bowl. Use a ceramic or stoneware bowl. Plastic or metal may interact with the oils. Add 10 to 15 drops of sassafras essential oil into the carrier oil. Use your hands to mix the oils together then give the massage immediately or apply to your own skin for the benefits of sassafras massage oil.
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