How Make The Saxophone Scream

Knowing how to make the saxophone scream is a master technique. Screaming, which is also known as growling, is when you hum or growl in the back of your throat while playing your saxophone. This technique is hard to accomplish because you need to be able to play your saxophone, hum and be in pitch all at the same time. Pitch is important because this technique is used to balance your harmony and rhythm.  

  1. Practice makes perfect. Before trying to scream your saxophone, practice humming different songs. Once you have hummed for about twenty minutes, try humming with the saxophone's reed in your mouth. While practicing with the reed, you will be able to hear yourself hum, but once you start screaming your saxophone, others will not be able to hear your humming.  
  2. Practice with music. Once you are comfortable enough humming with your reed, play a few notes and hum at the same time. You do not have to hum and play the same note, but it still has to make harmonic sense.
  3. Try using a bent note. If playing and humming is too difficult, loosen your mouth then gradually tightening your mouth every time you hit a note. 
  4. Use the chromatic scale. Start to play each key and try to match the key with your humming. Afterwards, use different humming pitches to find combinations that compliment each other.
  5. Use a spoiler to produce hard rock sounds. A spoiler is an attachment that is added to your reed. Without a spoiler, the saxophone has a smoother/jazzier sound and with the spoiler, you can master rock sounds that rival those in rock bands.   

Master these technique and you will become a master saxophone musician.

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