How To Make Scabs Heal Faster

Knowing how to make scabs heal quickly and effectively can bring much needed relief to painful, itchy scratches and sores. There are many simple, yet effective methods that can be used to help encourage scabs to heal sooner while reducing the possibility of scarring. In order to make scabs heal properly, it is also necessary to prevent infection.

Steps to Take to Make Scabs Heal Faster

  1. Allow a scab to heal naturally and undisturbed. Picking at, itching and removing scabs will make a sore worse. If the scab is removed, a new scab will need to form in order for proper healing to occur. Picking at scabs also increases the potential for scarring.
  2. Prevent the scab from cracking. Scabs heal better when they are kept moist with lotions or creams. Cracking scabs can be painful and cause bleeding. Cracking makes scabs heal slower. Apply lotion or cream two or three times per day until scab heals.
  3. Protect the scab from bumps and scrapes. Scabs heal faster when they are protected from being banged up and scratched. Scabs that are in an area that is susceptible to bumps and used frequently—such as elbows, calves, fingers and toes—should be covered loosely with gauze. The gauze should be removed when it is unlikely the scab will be bumped in to.
  4. Allow scabs to get plenty of air and avoid soaking in water. Scabs heal quicker when they are left out in the open air. Creating too much moisture causes a scab to become soft, making the scab heal slower.
  5. Keep scabs clean. Clean scabs heal quicker and are less susceptible to infection.

Suggested Topical Applications to Make Scabs Heal Effectively

  1. Apply moisturizing lotion to help scabs heal. Apply lotion two to three times per day. Lotion can be applied more often if scabs are cracking or itching.
  2. Apply cold Aloe Vera gel to scabs. Aloe Vera is soothing to the skin and will help reduce pain and itching as the scab heals.
  3. Apply tea tree oil or tea tree oil creams to scabs. Tea tree oil is soothing to the skin and has many antibacterial properties.
  4. Apply calendula cream to the scab. Calendula cream has many healing properties and is soothing to the skin. The cream will also help prevent the scab from cracking.

Tips for Preventing Infection to Make Scabs Heal Quicker: Wash scab thoroughly with soap and water. Scabs should be washed two to three times per day. Scabs in areas of the body which tend to collect dirt and germs—such as hands, feet and face—should be washed more often. Do not soak scabs in water as this will cause the scab to soften.

Keeping scabs clean, free from infection and intact are the best methods for preventing scabs and making scabs heal quickly and effectively.

Scabs which become infected or do not show signs of healing should be seen by a qualified medical professional.

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