How To Make A Scarf

Learning how to make a scarf is an easy as well as fun project to make. Making your own scarf allows you to make it long, short, square or whatever shape you prefer. The great thing about learning to make scarf is you can give them as gifts for special occasions or make one for yourself. Additionally, a scarf project takes a minimal amount of time to complete especially when you use fleece or jersey material.

  1. Buy your jersey or rayon fabric. Make sure the fabric you select looks attractive on both sides so no matter what size seen it would always look good. When you shop for your fabric, you will find the thickness of the material varies. With that said, select the thickness of the fabric you prefer.  Use your measuring tape and measure your fabric to your desired width and length and cut your fabric. With this project, you do not have to sew the edges; they will curl up after you cut the material. Of course, you can serge the edges if you prefer.
  2. Add a second jersey scarf to your wardrobe. Cut two yards of the material in half lengthwise. Fold each piece in half lengthwise and sew together with a small opening. Thus, you can turn the fabric inside out. Sew the open section close. Add a textured look to the scarf by wetting the scarf and twisting. Secure the scarf using rubber bands, and you have a different spin to your jersey scarf.  
  3. Think about making a fleece scarf. You can find fleece at most fabric stores especially during the fall and winter season. Determine the length of the scarf you need, and add an extra 12 inches to the length you need. Take your measuring tape and measure the length and width then cut your fabric. Cut your fabric ends to approximately 6 inches about a half inch across the width of the material. You can leave the fringes at edge or you can create a knot to the scarf. To jazz up your fleece scarf, add a button hole in the middle and a button. Embroider your initials or name to personalize the scarf if you can embroider.


If you are making a jersey or rayon scarf for summer, it is more appropriate to use thin jersey material to make your scarf. With this project, you do not have to sew the edges. They will curl up after you cut the material.  





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