How To Make Sex Better For My Girlfriend

Men that want to make sex better for themselves will inevitably learn how to make sex better for their girlfriend. Good sex is mutually beneficial. If she is turned on you will be more turned on. Making sex better for your girlfriend requires some physical and emotional skills. 

  1. Make her feel like a woman.  To make sex better for your girlfriend, you have to make her feel sexy.  This is not easy for men that aren't comfortable complimenting women in a sexual way.  Tell her how hot she looks.  Compliment her curves.  Point out when she makes heads turn.  Some women feel sexy all the time but most don't.  As noted in a study summary by The Social Issues Research Centre, women are " much less likely to admire what they see in the mirror" than men and therefore need regular reinforcement that they are attractive.  Many women only feel as sexy as their man makes them feel.  Making her feel attractive will make sex better for your girlfriend.
  2. Ask her what to do.  Many women are bossy and won't mind telling you, especially if it benefits them.  Ask her what she likes and how she likes it when you are trying to figure out how to make sex better for your girlfriend.  It is likely you will be surprised at how open she is.  Ask her while you are in foreplay or having sex if that is how she likes it or to tell you how to make sex better for her. She may even give you step-by-step instructions.  Don't be embarrassed about asking.  Every woman is different and you need to learn a new method to make sex better for each one.
  3. Tell her how you feel.  Talking about your feelings is stereotypically one of the aspects men hate most.  To make sex better for your girlfriend you need to let her feel the emotional connection between the two of you.  Women need to feel as if the emotions lead to the sex, not that horniness leads to the sex.   You don't have to cry in front of her, just tell her stuff that is outside the normal conversation such as childhood stories, how much you love her or your future plans.  She will feel that you trust her and trust will make sex better for your girlfriend.
  4. Don't forget about other body parts.  You might be a boob man, but you can't ignore her other parts.  Just because it turns you on to no end does not mean it does the same for her.  Women have arms, legs, feet, toes and other body parts that can be a source of sexual stimulation. Touch parts of her body that may not be regularly stimulated such as calves, upper arms and feet.  Physical stimulation in general will make sex better for your girlfriend.



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