How To Make A Sex Doll

You’re creative, horny and want to learn how to make a sex doll. All you need to do is follow the steps below to customize your ideal life-sized sexual partner. You’ll perfect sex toy will satisfy all your sexual needs—you can set it up in certain positions to turn you on, it can be your masturbation tool, or even simulate sexual acts with you for private individual fun or as an honorary member of your ménage à trois. Sex dolls come at a hefty price, so check out the steps below to learn how to make your own.

To make a sex doll, you will need: 

  • Plastic Mannequin
  • Sex Toy Body Parts
  • Utility Blade
  • Glue Gun
  • Wig (optional)
  • Sexy Clothes (optional)
  1. Purchase a mannequin. A mannequin will be the base body for your sex doll and you’ll be adding all your favorite body parts to it. Fiberglass mannequins will be easier to find, but they’re expensive, difficult to alter, and the fiberglass particles that are exposed to the air during modification are dangerous for your system. Go window-shopping at the mall and opt for a plastic mannequin. When you find your model mate, ask inside the store for their mannequin wholesaler.
  2. Purchase the basic body parts. Believe it or not, sex toys now come in such a wide variety of body parts. Choose your favorite mouth for a stellar blowjob complete with a chin, nose, tongue, and optional moustache if that turns you on. You’ll also be able to find all limbs such hands and arms for fisting, and even foot masturbators. Hit up your nearest sex store or purchase online for more variety. As another idea, it’s possible to find molds of celebrity body parts for your perfect sex creature.
  3. Purchase the appropriate gender-specific toys. You can customize your sex partner by choosing your favorite stimulating parts. You’ll have a wide assortment of breasts, vaginas and anuses to choose from. If you choose a vibrator version of any of these sex toys, be very careful with the wires when you play with your ultimate sex friend.
  4. Carefully cut out the sections. Gather all of your body parts and plan where they will be placed. Set each part alongside the mannequin and mark the toy’s outline. Use the utility blade to carefully cut out the appropriate sections of the plastic mannequin that you’ve outlined.
  5. Insert the body parts. The interior of the plastic mannequin should be composed of some type of stuffing for support. This will also be able to support your sex toys. Insert each body part carefully. You may need to use a glue gun to hold each body part in place.
  6. Finish it off. Top off your sex partner with a wig or sexy clothes that you’ll be taking off when things get steamy. Place your partner into position and start the action, but be sure to only use water-based lubrication and don’t let the rubber toys touch each other as some types of rubber aren’t compatible and may break down upon contact.