How To Make Sex Exciting

Do you want to know how to make sex exciting? Make sex a fun thing to do rather than seeing it as a chore. Exciting sex is one of the keys to a healthy and loving relationship. When the excitement and fun are gone from sex, the relationship can become dull. So keep your sex life exciting with the advice in this article.

  1. Be impulsive. Pull your partner close to you when he or she least expects it and go for it. Never schedule sex or make it a task you have to get donethat takes the fun out of it.
  2. Have sex in new places and take it out of your bedroom. A new environment can make things more exciting. Take your love making to the living room and embrace your partner on your furniture. Take a bubble bath together and do it right then and there. Go for a drive to somewhere secluded and do it in the back seat of your car. Every time you make love try a new, different place to keep things exciting.
  3. Role play with your partner. The two of you can try playing different people while you have sex. Pretending to be something or someone you are not can be quite fun. Play dress up while you role playdressing up can add to the effect of role playing and make things more exciting.
  4. Talk dirty. Women are especially susceptible to what goes on in their ears. Let her know how you feel inside her, what you want her to do next, and everything you want to do to her. Don't put too much thought into dirty talk, just let it flow out. See how she responds to different things. Try to stick to positive things and try not to cuss too much. Swearing can be useful while talking dirty but too much of it can be a turn off. Talking dirty during sex can spice things up and make it more exciting.
  5. Have foreplay before you have sex. Take time to please your partner. Foreplay can give the two of you a chance to explore and discover one another. Kiss her entire body, nibble her ear, give her a sensual massage, etc. Foreplay is a great way to have fun and get intimate with one another. If you are already having foreplay try extending the amount of time you spend doing it before sex.
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