How To Make Sexual Contact

Learning how to make sexual contact can vary, depending on your potential partner, but there are some things that you can do that make it much easier. You will need to target the ideal setting and atmosphere, and smoothly, work accordingly. You will have to do plenty of flirting and courting in the process, but eventually, you should be able to succeed. Following is some advice on how to make sexual contact.

How to Make Sexual Contact: What You Need

  • Partner or date
  • Bar setting or date setting
  • Alcohol (optional)
  • Smooth behavior

How to Make Sexual Contact

  1. First, you must have your eyes on someone. Ask her out or find a way to find yourself in a setting where flirtation is inevitable (such as a bar).
  2. Strike up a conversation with the person you are thinking of. You will need to initiate something with the person that you wish to make sexual contact with, so start talking with her using normal conversation.
  3. As the night goes on, begin flirting more. The more sarcastic jokes and funny stories that you can make or tell, the better, if you can socialize well. If you are at the bar, offer to buy drinks. This alone is a plus, but if your partner actually drinks, it is more likely that she will be in the right mood later.
  4. Continue drinking and hanging out, acting as well as you can. Eventually, ask her if she would like to come back to your place later in the night. There are ways to do this without sounding too needy or creepy. For instance, if the person you are flirting remarks that she lives a long way away, and you are closer, you can mention that she can stop by your place and, if necessary, sleep there.
  5. Leave the bar or social setting alone with your partner. Return to your place (or hers if she suggests going there), and hang out for a little while if you want. Continue talking, and then eventually, say how you are tired and you want to go to bed.
  6. Your partner will then probably agree that bed is the best place to be, and you can get into bed. Then, with the lights out, you may initiate sexual contact. If she is not already undressed, attempt to undress her, and gauge the response. Compliance is a go-ahead, and you may undress her and then begin touching intimately. Keep going if you want. If she says no, or pushes you away, you must stop. Any resistance or hesitation should be acknowledged.

Learning how to make sexual contact can take many tries, but eventually, with the right person, you should find out how. Be sure to act as smoothly as you can, and keep things close with your partner all night, and then, later, you can leave together and go from there.

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